drew Peter Gabriel with that stupid face he makes when he’s had it. I know he’s a dumb butt , yet for some reason he makes me so happy <3


hey guyz guess who is back to writting gay smut about genesis ! it’s me/

but yeah, even though my writting is fictional I do a lot of reserch so that the stories seem real and I capture the way they would behave and what not.


we shouldnt be worried about who has nice butts or boobs its all about the eyebrow game

(via pinkkillerincage)


another sketch that I wanted to color and clean up


Jethro tull Music in the background for Dark Souls II trailer

a rant about peter gabriel

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original video here (X)

soooo…..apparently Peter is putting out a concert movie, when I read the back to forth stuff I thought it was just going to be a concert but yeah.

I think this might be the first concert movie I see in theaters and I’m gonna be sitting in my seat,enjoying Peter’s big old ass dance around and I’m probably going to cry at some point.


I had this sketch in a WIP folder for a while and I really wanted to finish it

also I did it with flat colors, a slight gradient and last years spring colors coral and teal ,but what really matters is that it’s Peter and Phil and they are cute and I love their size difference <3

Philter really gives me energy to live.

HEY kathleenadonohue

I wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing note but I can’t contact you back because you don’t have your ask enabled ! and I can’t reply to fanmails so I hope you see this, it’s a very nice note you sent me thank you so so much !


Yup I did it guys, I made a gay picture of Sailor phil collins and a Lamia Peter Gabriel, You’re welcome and everyone can go home now.

I’m honestly so happy how this turned out! Yes it’s so stupid but it makes me so happy to draw these dumb butts in weird situations, I’m living the dream guys ~

I used a reference for the background, i’m posting wips/screenshots next

Phil looks nervous because he wants to put his dick in it but he doesn’t know where , yup that’s the core message I want you to take from this.

it’s almost 3 AM in the morning I am so tired, this took forever to finish (a few days ) and now I can finally sleep (JK I’m going to play SP:stick of truth for like an hour) good night everyone !

I'm down to prog til' i'm kissing that frog

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i'm putting all prog related stuff i make on here as well Like art,fanfic, extras like that.

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I'm down to prog til' i'm kissing that frog

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